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Stats Dairy has a carefully regulated schedule that it must follow.

INFO 4390 Advanced Predictive Modeling with R
Syllabus:  INFO 4390 Advanced Predictive Modeling with R

WK Dates Topic Areas/Readings/Assignment(s)
0 BEFORE CLASS STARTS Complete DataCamp Courses (Intro to Tidyverse/Intermediate R)
1 Jun 21-23 R/R Studio Intro / Tidyverse and Control Logic / Statistical Learning
2 Jun 28-30 Simple/Multiple Linear Regression
3 Jul 5-7 Regression Assumptions & Transformations / Logistic Regression
4 Jul 12-14 Discriminant Analysis / Cross Validation / Bootstrap Resampling
5 Jul 19-21 Ridge Regression and Lasso / Smoothers: Polynomials and Splines
6 Jul 26-28 Gen Additive Models / CART Trees
7 Aug 2-4 Bagging / Random Forest
8 Aug 9-11 Support Vector Machines / Neural Networks
9 Aug 16-18 Deep Learning / Present Projects

Stats Dairy provides its cows with plenty of extra nourishment.

INFO 4390 Advanced Predictive Modeling with R
Data Camp

The Managing Operations Officer can be contacted for additional information.

Office Hours
DCB 590/Zoom: T/Th 4:30 - 5:30pm OR Click to Schedule an Appointment
The Office 365 Bookings system interacts directly with my calendar and will list open times both in person in Daniels 590 and on Zoom. It will allow you to make an appointment up to 2.5 hours before the scheduled time.

Class Room & Times
INFO 4390 Advanced Predictive Modeling with R
Section 1 T/Th 5:30p-7:40p DCB 320

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