INFO 3400 Complex Data Analytics

Stats Dairy has a carefully regulated schedule that it must follow.

Week 101/08Introduction to Class and Text AnalyticsIntro Quiz/Student Intros
01/10Linguistic AnalyticsHomework 1
Week 201/15No Class - MLK Day
01/17Introduction to AlteryxInstall Alteryx
Week 301/22Text Preprocessing (Word Frequency, Part-of-Speech Tagging)
01/241: Topic Modeling
Week 401/292: Topic ModelingHomework 2
01/311: Sentiment Analysis
Week 502/052: Sentiment Analysis
02/07Text Classification
Week 602/12Use Text to Predict
02/141: Social Network Analysis Introduction
Week 702/19Mid Term ExamProject Phase I
02/21No Class
Week 802/262: Social Network Analysis Introduction
02/281: SNA (Measurement and Viz)Homework 3
Week 903/042: SNA (Measurement and Viz)
03/061: SNA (Cluster and Social Media: Twitter)Homework 4
Week 1003/112: SNA (Cluster and Social Media: Twitter)
03/13Social Media: Facebook/Project DayCourse Project Phase II
Week 1103/18Present ProjectsTake Home Exam
03/20Final Exam