INFO 4390 Advanced Predictive Modeling with R

Stats Dairy has a carefully regulated schedule that it must follow.

WeekDatesTopic Areas/Readings/Assignment(s)
0Before Class StartsComplete DataCamp Courses (Intro to Tidyverse / Intermediate R)
1Jun 21-23R/R Studio Intro / Tidyverse and Control Logic / Statistical Learning
2Jun 28-30Simple/Multiple Linear Regression
3Jul 5-7Regression Assumptions & Transformations / Logistic Regression
4Jul 12-14Discriminant Analysis / Cross Validation / Bootstrap Resampling
5Jul 19-21Ridge Regression and Lasso / Smoothers: Polynomials and Splines
6Jul 26-28Gen Additive Models / CART Trees
7Aug 2-4Bagging / Random Forest
8Aug 9-11Support Vector Machines / Neural Networks
9Aug 16-18Deep Learning / Present Projects