MBA 4265 Introduction to Analytics

Stats Dairy has a carefully regulated schedule that it must follow.

1Feb 81MODULE 1: Competing on Analytics in the Data Economy
(Davenport) The Nature of Analytical Competition
(Anderson) Chapter 1: What Do We Mean by Data-Driven? (17p)
(Anderson) Chapter 10: Data-Driven Culture (14p)
(Posted Materials) Database Structure (Basics, ERDs)
2Feb 132(Anderson) Chapter 4: The Analyst Organization (24p)
MODULE 2: Know Thy Data
(Posted Materials) Database: SQL Basics and Joins
Feb 153WORK DAY (No regular class meeting – Peer Review of Project Part 1)
3Feb 204(Anderson) Chapter 2: Data Quality (22p)
(Posted Materials) PowerBI: Intro/Using Data
Feb 225(Anderson) Chapter 3: Data Collection (17p)
(Posted Materials) PowerBI: Descriptives/Explorations
4Feb 276MODULE 3: Data Analysis and Metrics
(Posted Materials) Database: SQL Aggregate Functions
(Anderson) Chapter 5: Data Analysis (27p)
Mar 17(Anderson) Chapter 6: Metric Design (16p)
MODULE4: Visual Analytics
(Posted Materials) PowerBI: Visuals
5Mar 68(Anderson) Chapter 7: Storytelling with Data (28p)
(Posted Materials) PowerBI:
Mar 89(And) Chapter 7: Storytelling with Data (28p)
Posted Materials on Visualization:
Let my dataset change your mindset - Hans Rosling
The beauty of data visualization - David McCandless
How to speak so that people want to listen - Julian Treasure
6Mar 1310Project Work Day (In person attendance not required)
Mar 1511Projects Due before class / Peer Project Reviews completed during class time