MBA 4360 Introduction to Data Mining

Stats Dairy has a carefully regulated schedule that it must follow.

WeekDatesTopicsReadings Before Class
1Apr 1Data Mining ProcessDM4BA Ch 1-2
Apr 3Data Wrangling and Exploration (Video Lecture)DM4BA Ch 3
2Apr 8Dimension Reduction: Principal Components Analysis (PCA)DM4BA Ch 4
Apr 10Mining Relationships: Cluster AnalysisDM4BA Ch 14
3Apr 15Evaluating PerformanceDM4BA Ch 5
Apr 17Prediction and Classification Methods: Multiple Linear Regression
DM4BA Ch 6
4Apr 22Prediction and Classification Methods: Classification and Regression TreesDM4BA Ch 9
Apr 24Logistic RegressionDM4BA Ch 10
5Apr 29Comparing ModelsDM4BA Ch 7
May 1Using scripting languages for analysis: R and Python OR Prediction and Classification Methods: kNN